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Negative thoughts were not anything I prepared for after an incredible European vacation. 

Are Your Reinforcing Negative Thoughts

I knew coming back from a 24 day trip around Europe with my daughter as a way to celebrate her college graduation even through her battle with MS was going to take a bit of adjustment time.

My mind was still on the other side of the world jumping off cliffs in Croatia, or tasting wines while listening to traditional music in Hungary,  lifting a stein yelling “Prost” at Oktoberfest in Germany or savoring every single bite of pasta in Italy.

After being home for three days, the jet lag was subsiding by Sunday.  But my mindset was still experiencing a little turbulence.  Multiple times that day I found myself saying, “I am dreading tomorrow.”

Tomorrow was back to the office.  Back to demands and deadlines and high heels.  It was traffic and chatter, the hustle and the bills.  It was catching up, hoping no one was upset I was gone for so long and could not perform and produce content at the pace I normally do because wifi was spotty all over Europe.  For an entire day, I was stuck there.

By Monday morning I was shuffling my feet down the hall to get ready saying the same thing to myself in my head… ”I am dreading this.” Suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks.  I stood there and in one split second caught myself mid thought.  I could almost hear screeching breaks of negativity coming to halt.  The next thought was , “What the hell are you doing?! Are you really going to keep reinforcing negative thoughts, literally reinforcing dread?”

I am one of the most positive people I know.  It is rare that I get stuck in negative thinking patterns that effect my behavior or my goals let alone steal an entire day from me that could have been spent celebrating.  Celebrating what? Well, life in general to start with.

I marched straight to my bathroom, looked myself square in the eyes and swapped out the word dread with excited.

“I am excited about today.”

Then I continued…

“I am excited to be a woman business owner.”

“I am excited that I am smart.”

“I am excited that I have the opportunities that I do.”

“I am excited to be able to earn a living doing what I love.”

I am excited that I get to travel the world on the income I make.”

“I am excited I have a car to drive, a home to live in, an office to go to that I decorated and pay for.”

“I am excited about life, and being who I am.”

“Michelle, you are blessed.  Live in gratitude every single day, be excited and go out there and kick some ass. You got this!”

Everything shifted. 

By choosing to reset my mindset, focus on being positive, recognizing all that I have in my life to be excited about, I began, in an instant, reinforcing all that is good.  My meetings went incredibly well.  I felt so much love going back into my office and seeing everyone, sharing stories of our travels.  I realized I missed being in my office space that reflects so much of the hard work my business partner and I have done to grow our business.  From gripping the wheel driving down the freeway to editing videos for hours, I was back on track and not a single thought of dread entered my mind that day or since.

Is it normal to feel overwhelmed, get behind and think of something being dreadful to face? Yes.  The difference between success and failure, however, is how long you allow yourself to stay in that space and if you choose to dig deep enough to gain value, knowledge, and insight to take with you as you move forward and through it.

How long do you stay stuck in a negative mindset?

My advice:  Fine tune your listening skills.  Not listening to other people, but listening to yourself so you can stop negative self-talk before it stops you from being the best version of yourself every day.

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Michelle Renee

VERB Media Group

Founder | CEO



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I was driving down Interstate 5 over the weekend.

I looked over to my left and flying by me was a sexy, beautiful jet black Maserati. I grew up with four brothers as a complete tomboy fascinated by cars, engines, and craftsmanship of everything from furniture to architecture.

When that Maserati flew by, I was absorbed in the thought of the engineering it took to get that beast of a car on the road.

Then I got to thinking about my business. In terms of engineering, it took years of hard work, engineering on so many levels, to get VERB Media Group to where it is today. Lately, we are in overdrive.

This led me to ponder the idea of how I would take care of that car if I owned it. That led my mind to wonder further and ask myself why not take care of everything that I own, including my business, the same way.

What would happen if we began, and continued, treating our business like that brand new dream car that we are so pumped about driving?

You will get way more mileage out of your business.

Drive your business to success

Here is how you keep your business purring like a brand new Maserati.

Three Ways to Keep Your Business On the Road of Success

1. Keep it Shiny on the Outside

People can see your business in more ways than ever today.

Social media is a MUST for businesses to reach the broadest audience possible and disseminate information to the masses. What I mean by keeping it glossy and fresh on the outside like a brand new dream car is that you have to maintain an image of your brand.

That means top to bottom, inside and out, branded with messaging that speaks clearly to your audience. Your cover photos, Instagram posts, newsletters, logo, and anything else with your company’s name on it has to shine.

2. Keep it Clutter Free on the Inside

Don’t be that person who invites someone to get into their new ride and has to say, “Oh, sorry about the mess.”

You leave your possible passenger (AKA customer) standing there as you scramble to throw stuff in the back seat so they have a place to sit. It is the same for your business.

Presentation is everything! When someone walks through your door make sure they look inside and are in awe with the well thought out engineered details. You want your clients to be excited about the bells and whistles, as well as the people, the product and service you provide.

You want them to remember the “feeling” they get sitting down as you rev up your relationship building skills and get ready for the closing pitch!

3. Schedule Regular Business Tune Ups

Like a car that never gets a tune up or is always late getting oil changes, and is just plain neglected overall engine TLC department, your business will not run smooth or last as long without regular maintenance.

You need to be vigilant about this and look deep within the engine that keeps your business going. Ask yourself what does your business need for top performance? What do you need to change out to make sure your business is firing on ALL cylinders?

Ask others if they can see that you are doing all you can to ensure ROI is above expectation? Sometimes we, as big thinking entrepreneurs, are hyper focused and need some outside feedback from people we love and trust.

How often does your business need a tune up? Quarterly, at least.

Do yourself a favor and treat your business like it is your brand spanking new dream car that you want to drive every second of every day because you are so excited about it.

Drive your business to success.

Michelle Renee is the Founding Partner of VERB Media Group, a speaker, and published author. She lives in Southern California.


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