The Wonderland of Company Branding

The Wonderland of Company Branding


How to Brand Your Company

Many new companies fail because they really have no idea how they fit into the marketplace – because they don’t have a clearly defined brand.

They just don’t know WHO THEY ARE.

We are going to take a little journey into Tim Burtons, Alice in Wonderland to help explain the importance of Branding.

Let’s take Alice for example. A very confused, curious, smart Alice chases a white rabbit and falls down a rabbit hole, landing in Wonderland. To achieve her goal of getting home, she must first present herself to the Blue Caterpillar.

However, by the time she met the Blue Caterpillar to inquire about her goals, she was more confused than she was when she started.  She was tall, then small, then tall again… She knew she was Alice, but she didn’t know WHO she really was. She had no idea of her purpose in Wonderland. She didn’t understand the world around her or how she fit into it. Without this information, she was never going to achieve her goal of getting home.

Branding your business is not at all different.

The clock is ticking on getting your brand defined. So, before you let your company fall down the Rabbit Hole of brand identity, let’s discuss HOW to define your brand.


There are five main questions to answer before you can clarify WHO YOU ARE.

What product or service does your company offer?

To begin to understand how you fit into the marketplace, you must first understand what products and services your offer.

If you have seen Alice in Wonderland you know that Alice has a purpose. She goes to Wonderland to offer a service to the people of Wonderland. The Blue Caterpillar helps her to see that her purpose in Wonderland, or the service she is going to offer Wonderland, is to defeat the Red Queen and the Jabberwocky. Even with this knowledge, it takes Alice some time to finally understand WHO SHE IS. She must answer several questions about herself before she finally realizes that this is her purpose.

To begin branding your company clearly define, in writing, exactly what products or services your company offers. How many different products or services do you have? What is different about each product or service.

What are your company’s core values?

Understanding what values are important to you and your company will help guide you in understanding your company brand.


Let’s take poor Alice. Knowing that she was supposed to defeat the Red Queen and the Jabberwocky, did not make her ready to do so.  She didn’t see herself as brave like the Alice in the Oraculum (Calendar). She did know that she wanted to support the people of Wonderland and didn’t like the way they were being treated. It had taken a lot of self-examination before she had a clear definition of the values that made her who she was. Before she found her “Muchiness,” as the Mad Hatter explained it, and before realized she was the brave, caring and heroic Alice!

Just like Alice, you must examine your team and company atmosphere to truly grasp the values you have. Do you regularly work together as a team? Are you a big company or a boutique company? Do you believe that each employee’s opinions are important? Is having fun important to your company?

What problem does your company solve for your customers?

Not only must you know what products and services you offer, especially in marketing, but you must also understand what problems you solve for your clients and customers. When your customer feels like their problems are being solved, that makes them happy. Therefore, more willing to purchase your product or use your service.

In Wonderland, Alice spends time with the Mad Hatter while he explains what problems the Jabberwocky and the Red Queen had imposed on Wonderland. He explained that by slaying the creature, Wonderland would turn back into the beautiful, colorful, happy place it once was. After hearing about all of the horrible things that the Mad Hatter and Wonderland had been put through, she then understood what the problem was she had to solve.

Knowing what problems you solve creates a whole other level of motivation for both your company and your customers. What is currently the problem? How is that problem affecting the customer? What will fixing that problem do to improve your customer’s way of life?

Do you know your competition?

Next, to know WHO YOU ARE, you need to know who your competition is.

It isn’t until Alice meets the Mad Hatter that she starts to understand who her competition is. Make your competition feel FREAKED OUT when they see your name!

Scare away the competition

She learns of the evil Red Queen, and of her big head complex. She learns that she is impulsive and violent. She also learns that she has a pet Jabberwocky that she uses to keep Wonderland under her rule.  The more Alice learns about her competition, the better equipped she becomes to win the competition.

Just as Alice needed to know who her competition is, so do you. You must understand what products and services they offer. What is it that the audience likes and doesn’t like about the competition. What are their strengths and weaknesses?

How do you set yourself apart from your competition?

Knowing what your niche is in the market will help you set yourself apart from your completion?

Alice understands that she must defeat the Jabberwocky. What Alice didn’t know was what were the jabberwocky’s weaknesses.  What was it that she had that was different? It was not until she understood the Jabberwocky’s weakness was the Vorpal Sword and that her inner bravery made her different from everyone else, that she was equipped to take on the Jabberwocky and win.

As a company, you must understand what sets you apart. What are the weaknesses of your competitions? What is it that your company does better than your competition?

Understanding these five points will help you clearly define your brand. Understanding your brand will give you a clear picture of how you fit into the market.

Alice spends the entire movie, examining who she is, what her values are, what the problem is in Wonderland, who her competition is and what makes her better than her competition.

By the end of the movie Alice knows she is THE ALICE. The brave, strong, curious, and caring Alice that has come back to Wonderland to defeat the red queen and to slay the Jabberwocky with the Vorpal sword. She know she can save the people of Wonderland and returning the rule to the rightful heir, the White Queen.


Before you begin marketing your company, you must define your company brand. You must understand your position in the market to determine the best strategy for marketing your brand.

The team at VERB Media Group understands Branding! We understand how to position a company in their market to maximize marketing efforts for the best return on you marketing investment, however small or large it is.


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