About Us

I can be changed by what happens to me but I refuse to be reduced by it.
-Maya Angelou

Our Corporate Team

Michelle Renee

Michelle was a single mom working in the banking industry when a violent home invasion kidnapping and bank robbery attack carried out by gang members against her and her then 7 year old daughter ended her 13 year career. After recovering from the trauma, Michelle pursued her degree in Communication studies and launched VERB Media Group in 2009. First as a public relations agency, VERB would undergo one final reinvention to become a digital agency focused on compelling visual content for corporate, event, travel, lifestyle and personal brand building in 2015, Today VERB is a thriving visual marketing agency focused on capturing and disseminating content that is both authentic and aims to tell stories through a lens.


Breea not only survived the trauma of the home invasion kidnapping at at 7, but collapsed when she was a senior in high school at the age of 18. A high school cheerleader and athlete, Breea was hurled into living life with Multiple Sclerosis after doctors discovered a massive lesion in her brain and brain stem that caused paralysis and blindness. Determined to graduate, she walked with her high school class and went on to graduate as an SDSU and Alpha Phi Alumni with a degree in Psychology. Today Breea is our Social Media Manager and thriving in her 20’s determined to prove Tumefactive MS can’t stop her. Her Youtube videos have over 150K views and her instagram, Breea Beats MS, receives messages from others with MS from around the world.


Daves words to live by: Grace. Life is already here, just show up. Happiness is gratitude without complaining. Be happy. There is purpose behind everything, be still and listen to the message. Dave is a loving family man and proud owner of a standard poodle named SABA. Previously 25 years in Telecommunication Construction – Communication Management. His team was rated #1 in quality in the Western US Region. His interests in the arts, story telling through mediums such as creative writing, are a particular passion for Dave and ultimately what has led to his engagement in video media marketing in the digital space. As Dave says, he has fallen in love with the process and of course, the people.

A Few Things We Love


We thrive on creating visually compelling, relevant digital content. We get excited about influencers, the latest trends, and what’s new in the digital marketing world.
Our enthusiasm is contagious. We cherish our relationships with our clients. We value family above all else.
We are digital mavens, road trip warriors, wine sipping collaborators, hashtag devotees, and positive mindset advocates.

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