3 Tips to Be A Better Tweeter


If you are not tweeting for your business, you are missing the mark.

We’ve discussed the importance of incorporating social media into your businesses marketing strategy.  Today we’ll dive deeper into the subject with the world of Twitter.  Twitter is a wonderful social media platform with over 300 million active users daily.

For those of you looking to boost your engagement with your brand followers on Twitter here are ‘3 Tips For Becoming A Better Tweeter’.

1. Tweet Frequently

Twitter Tips for Businesses


Stay active with your followers on Twitter.  

Statistics show that businesses who tweet as often as possible have higher engagements with their followers.  Be sure to respond to followers who directly tweet your or send you a personal DM on Twitter.  This is a great way to build relationships with customers.

2. Use Trending Hashtags

3 Tips for Better Tweets


Twitter allows users to view what hashtags and topics are trending on the platform at any time in any location worldwide.  Trending topics have a large amount of people viewing what’s being tweeted about them.

Incorporating trending topics into your tweets occasionally is a great way to put your brand in front of more people and build your following.   Also, be sure to keep some of your tweets sounding personal so that people can easily relate to your brand.

3. Use Photos When Possible

Tips for Successful Tweeting


As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words.  

Nothing is truer than this.  Bright high quality photos that tell a story help your tweets to catch eyes and stand out.

Standing out of course is vital for businesses in a day and age where the majority of markets are flooded and oversaturated.

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